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ChainLab is a consulting and development company in the blockchain and Web3 field.

ChainLab is configured as a real network of professionals able to provide support also in the marketing, legal and tax areas, related to the blockchain and the Web3.

Thanks to the experience and the expertise accrued on the field, we are able to carry out a wide range of blockchain projects and to provide consultancy at high levels.

The common thread? High Quality Standards!


The ChainLab Mission includes two very important aspects:

  • helping people to launch their own project by allowing them to express their entrepreneurship successfully,

  • helping companies to evolve and gain a new competitive advantage in the Web3 field by making them adopt blockchain technology in a useful and suitable manner.


ChainLab aims to become the one-stop consulting provider for blockchain and web3.

Blockchain technologies are still in an early stage of adoption but are moving at light speed regarding the improvements made in the development side.

For this reason, we believe that in the next 5 years, companies must enter the web3 in order to stay competitive.


The Blockchain provides individuals and companies with more and more tools and opportunities to improve operations and processes. The keywords are decentralization, traceability and security. Token, NFTs and Smart Contracts are the key to designing and developing totally new businesses in both the B2B and B2C markets. For this reason it’s essential to understand some of the possible applications in order to make the most of them thanks to our team of experts.

Blockchain and Crowdfunding:
new horizons for startups

One of the most critical stage for a startup is often represented by the research and the raising of investments. Finding traditional venture capitals is a complex process that takes a lot of time and effort. The Blockchain, if properly exploited, can offer excellent opportunities in terms or fundraising through the process called "token sale", through which a new digital asset linked to the project is created. After that, thanks to the advertising and sale of a part of these tokens, many startups have been able to obtain the funds to develop their projects.


A very useful application to integrate on the blockchain is linked to rental activities, whether it refers to the real estate market, the car or other, it makes no difference. The blockchain allows us to save in real time a lot of information related to the rental conditions, to prevent any type of dispute, unequivocally. A very precise example, in the real estate field, can be referred to Building Information Modeling (BIM). The Blockchain allows us to accurately trace all the phases that contribute to the realization of a work, which can be shared with customers and suppliers in a transparent way.

The world of art

More and more artists, coming from different currents, are choosing crypto-art to launch their masterpieces and collections in the form of NFTs. In fact, a thriving community has developed around this new decentralized artistic current with no intermediaries between creator and public. The turnover is now multimillion-dollar thanks to NFT marketplaces that guarantee enormous daily trading volumes. In addition, many other scenarios open up in this, with great potential, such as the exploitation of royalties relating to one's NFTs. It is thus possible for the artist to continue earning from the exchanges of his works even after the initial sale.


The ability to track processes and certify specific events is an integral part of Blockchain-based ecosystems. Many sectors such as insurance, agri-food, industrial, find a natural application in the exploitation of these potentials. Consider, for example, an insurance contract, stipulated through a smart contract, which automatically checks the conditions of a claim, perhaps associated with IoT technology, in order to minimize the possibility of errors and immediately identify fraudulent activities. Another concrete application is traceability through the timestamping of every single step of an agri-food chain, from the raw material to the final product, thus ensuring transparency of the processes and immutability of the trace.

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Strategic Consulting

We are ready to listen and understand your needs, ranging from feasibility studies to specific technical advice. We create business models, tokenomics, whitepapers and plan the success of your idea. The Chain Lab Consulting services are aimed at achieving your result.

Training courses

Do you want to train your team to independently manage your company’s digital assets on blockchain? With ChainLab you can build the learning path suited to the needs of your staff, aiming straight at the goal. Contact us for further information!


Blockchain technology allows any company or project to create a digital asset linked to its own reality, which can be distributed to its collaborators or community members as a brand new marketing or connection strategy with its audience. Lot of companies and artists use it to monetize their brand or increase engagement with the public. Contact us to evaluate your idea together and find out what we can do for your company.

Tailor-made projects

Do you have extraordinary needs that do not fall within the listed services? We are ready! We will guide you in the validation of your idea and we will be able to list the different possible alternatives by exploring the pros and cons of the operation. Contact us to understand how we can structure an ad hoc project for your reality.


The Metaverse is the future of the online presence for companies and for the user experience for your customers. We help you build your virtual environment and renew the way you engage your community. Ask us how!


We are able to create smart contracts for every need: new cryptocurrencies, NFTs, staking, vesting, and much more. Arrange a meeting with us and tell us what you need.

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